Telecom Tax Audit

Telecommunication is the most heavily taxed service!


Telecommunication taxes account for average of 17.05% on wireless services and over 25% on wire-line services.  

Taxes usually comprise of Federal, State, Local (city, county and municipality) & surcharges like Federal Universal Service Fee (FUSF), Property Tax Allotment (PTA), administrative expense fee, Federal regulatory fee etc.

These taxes differ by state, city or telecom service you are using. Thus, creating thousands of combinations of taxes and surcharges.  

To top that, most service providers leave it to their customers to decide on tax jurisdictions, like interstate or intrastate billing, the highest taxes in the bracket. 

Our tax specialists are equipped and updated with the latest tax databases to identify tax saving and refund opportunities for your company.

Identification to Implementation

Our tax audit service is holistic and we start at collection of billing data, error identification and deliver you savings and historical refunds

Unmatched Tax Knowledge-Base

Our in-house knowledgebase of telecommunication taxes and understanding of telecommunication services gives spend cubes an edge in identifying and delivering you tax savings and refunds.

ROI Guaranteed

Spend Cubes will only invoice you upon activated savings and delivered refunds. We contractually also guarantee if our savings fall off due to changes in the middle of our term, we stop billing.

60 Days or Less

Initial Results delivered in 60 days or less

List of Taxes and Industries

1. Federal, State & Local Taxes

Call Centers, Data Centers, Non-Profit organizations, Federal, State and Local Government Bodies, Schools, Hospitals, Credit Unions, other exempted organizations

2. FUSF Tax Research

Telecom Service Resellers, VOIP providers, Companies with majority intrastate offices.

Who should use Telecom Tax Audit?

  • Local, State governments
  • Federal Credit Unions
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Telecom Spend over $500,000 annually
  • Call centers
  • Companies in opportunity/enterprise zones

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As a leading Telecom Expense Management company, Spend Cubes believes in a “Partnership Approach” with its clients who are some of the world’s best brands. Through our global delivery network and a comprehensive outsourcing service offerings, we deliver business value to our clients by combining operational excellence and deep domain – industry and functional – knowledge.

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