Telecom Audit & Optimization

80% of telecommunication bills contains errors!


Spend cubes’ Telecom audit and optimization process are tailor made and perfected over the years. Our methods are proven to identify over 95% of billing errors and leakages.

We are detail oriented and create a robust USOC level inventory of all your locations and services and contracts. These services are analyzed with respect to contracts, industry standard benchmarked tariffs and rates.

Experience team of order and dispute resolution specialists ensures, recommendations are implemented correctly and on time.

No Service Provider Changes

Usually service provider changes are less cost effective and lead to increased one-time expenses and service outages due to service migration and equipment costs.


Contractually we guarantee get no commissions from service providers or encourage provider migration. We work with your existing providers to get you on best rates available in the industry

ROI Guaranteed

Spend Cubes will only invoice you upon activated savings and delivered refunds. We contractually also guarantee if our savings fall off due to changes in the middle of our term, we stop billing.

60 Days or Less

Savings start appearing on your invoices in 60 days or less

No Penalty

You always have the option to leave us at any time, without penalty.

Some sample analysis we conduct to deliver you desired results:

  • Conduct traffic studies
    • Inbound local and long distance traffic
    • Outbound local and long distance traffic
  • Site Evaluation
    • Identify under provisioning
    • Research over provisioning
    • Check un-used and under used services
  • Contract and Tariff Study
    • Analyse existing rates and recommend better rates
    • Research other aspects including pre termination penalties, QoS, down-time
  • Provisioning and Optimisation
    • Study existing provisioning and requirements
    • Recommend most appropriate services suited for the needs
    • Reduce costs and optimise user experience
    • Investigate cost avoidance items
  • Implementation of Recommendations
    • Get refunds and recovery from service providers on overbilling
    • Place orders with various service providers
    • Check billing ensuring correct implementation of orders

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As a leading Telecom Expense Management company, Spend Cubes believes in a “Partnership Approach” with its clients who are some of the world’s best brands. Through our global delivery network and a comprehensive outsourcing service offerings, we deliver business value to our clients by combining operational excellence and deep domain – industry and functional – knowledge.

We bring our deep industry knowledge combined with in-house tools to ensure Quality & timely delivery of our solutions.

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